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Congratulations ... you've just discovered the
Hollywood Beauty Secret for clean healthy stylish hair

Hair Research was established in 1973. From its conception the goal has been to explore, test and develop innovative "professional hair care" products and "styling tools" to meet the life styles of the 21st century. 


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Congratulations .... You've discovered the world's most versatile Blow Dry Brush and a Hollywood hair styling beauty secret. The "adjustable" three-in-one" Flexie Blow Dry Brush combines three of the most popular styling tools a (Paddle, Round and Shaping Brush) with a built-in Styling Comb to make blow dry styling versatile, quick and easy. It includes a unique "retainer clip" designed to hold it "open or closed when not in use. One hair brush does it all.

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Modern cosmetic technology is turning our every day personal care products into spa-like-treatments. The Hair Research three-step "spa hair treatment" (shampoo, conditioner and moisture rinse) with benefits for both hair and skin care is an example of this new technology at its best. 

The Hair Research "shampoo, conditioner and moisture rinse" may be used individually or together with one following the other to "cleanse and purify, strengthen, rejuvenate and moisturize" both hair and skin in three steps.

Step One: 
Protein Shampoo
Hair & Body Cleanser 
Step Two: 
Extra Care Conditioner 
Hair and Body Moisturizer
Step Three: 
Protein Moisture Rinse
Detangle, Hydrate, Po

Spa Hair Care Treatment
Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisture Rinse
with Stimulator Brush and Scalp Exercise System

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World's Most Versatile Styling Spray
Special Effects Styling Spray



To complement the Studio Styling Brush I designed a Special Effects Styling Spray with conditioning benefits and style support. A low alcohol, high gloss, humidity resistant and water soluble "three-in-one" styling mist for "shaping, finishing and blow dry styling". Its the perfect companion to the versatile Hollywood Studio Styling Brush. (see all products and special offers)



Heat Energized "self-warming" Shampoo & Conditioner

Always on the lookout for new ways to improve the health and beauty of hairstyles, I recently introduced a totally new Heat Energized "self-warming" Shampoo & Conditioner. 

A modern version of the classic Hot Oil Treatment using poly-silicones and exothermic technology. When applied to "wet hair the Shampoo & Conditioner warms up" to seal the surface with a high gloss, smooth protective surface. Its deep moisturizing also relives dry scalp conditions. Now you can give your hair a deep conditioning treatment in less then 60 seconds at home in the shower. Its the perfect conditioning treatment for all dry, course, frizzy, damaged and long hair and a time-savor for today's fast paced active life styles. (special offers here)

Hair Repair Treatment

Clarifying Shampoo and
Over Night Conditioning Treatment
8 oz

Repairs surface damage and stops breakage Over Night !!! 

Studio Style Clarifying Shampoo removes styling aids and prepares the hair for a deep conditioning treatment . Use Over Night Express once a week to thoroughly repair surface damage from heat styling.  To assure and even long lasting hair color use the Over Night Express the night before having your hair colored.
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The most advanced professional ( hair care ) and ( styling products ) are now available from the George Caroll Studio Style Collection. The George Caroll  (hair care) and styling products provide help for dry hair, fine hair, color treated hair, frizzy hair, permanent waved hair, damaged hair and virtually any hairstyle, (curly hair styles, wavy hair styles , straight hair styles, short hair styles, long hair styles). Men's hair styles, short hair styles for men. George Caroll's Studio Style (hair care) and styling tools ( hair flex styling brush ) will give your hairstyle a "Studio Style Look" like the Hollywood movie stars and celebrities we all admire. It's my intention to provide hair help, hair style tips, professional salon advice with solutions for both your (hair care) and (hair styling) concerns. 

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