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Multi Action 
Protein Herbal Conditioner improve, shine texture and builds body for styling

Restores moisture and suppleness to hair scalp and skin in 60 seconds. 

PH balanced herbal moisturizing formula used for dry hair, scalp, skin and as a conditioning shaving cream.


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Self Warming  Heat Energized  Conditioner _Instantly renews texture luster and builds body for styling. The perfect conditioner for dry, course and color treated hair.  Now you can give your hair a deep heat conditioning treatment in less then three minutes in the shower.
You'll feel the warm and see the shine 
the first time you
use this break though exothermic Instant Conditioning Treatment. 

8 oz / $12.00

Multi Action Protein Moisture Rinse removes tangles, seals in moisture.

Renews texture shine and builds body for styling, 

For all hair types, especially fine thin straight hair

PH balanced Multi Action Protein Moisturizing Formula for hair and dry skin, maybe on the entire body.


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Time Saver_
Strengths and repair surface damage when left in the hair over night.

Stops breakage restore elasticity
builds body for styling.

8 oz / $14.50


The most advanced professional ( hair care ) and ( styling products ) are now available from the George Caroll Studio Style Collection. The George Caroll  (hair care) and styling products provide help for dry hair, fine hair, color treated hair, damaged hair and virtually any hairstyle. George Caroll's Studio Style (haircare) and styling tools will give your hairstyle a "Studio Style Look" like the Hollywood stars and celebrities we all admire. It's my intention to provide hair help, tips, professional advice with solutions for both your (haircare) and (hair styling) concerns. 

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