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The amazing flexible styling brush invented by George Caroll. You'll never need other styling tools again. The HairFlex is three styling tools in one! Visit the new for special offers, a live video demonstration and more great products by George Caroll.

\Hair Flex Flexible___


Vent -Action
Stimulator Brush

Natural Bristle Hair Care and Polishing Brush. 
The perfect hair and scalp care brush used to lift dandruff and sprays off the scalp and polish the surface. Wide vent spacing between bristles make it ideal for both thick and thin hair.



The most advanced professional ( hair care ) and ( styling products ) are now available from the George Caroll Studio Style Collection. The George Caroll  (hair care) and styling products provide help for dry hair, fine hair, color treated hair, damaged hair and virtually any hairstyle. George Caroll's Studio Style (haircare) and styling tools will give your hairstyle a "Studio Style Look" like the Hollywood stars and celebrities we all admire. It's my intention to provide hair help, tips, professional advice with solutions for both your (haircare) and (hair styling) concerns. 

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