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For Wavy Curly & Permed Hair

THE SALON WAVY CURLY & PERMED HAIR STYLING KIT is a grouping of specialty hair care and styling products formulated with all new micro silicone ingredients for a smooth shinny healthy frizz free finish.

HOW IT WORKS: . Each product is designed to work with the benefits of the other to revive the hair's natural elasticity for MAXIMUM wave formation and a smooth  soft, shinny frizz free appearance.

Introductory Price $65.00 (Reg: $74.00)


Five Piece 
Curl Styling Kit I


Give your WAVY HAIR
a shinny, smooth finish.   Water soluble will not build up, easily removed with shampoo. Softens course dry hair, adds style support and tames frizz. Instantly improves color, texture and  sheen.  
5 oz. size $12.95

One styling brush does it all. The perfect styling brush for both all hair types and lengths. Used to remove un-wanted curls waves look smooth and straight . Triple Action Special Effects Styling Spray used for shaping, finishing and blow drying styling. Humidity resistant, never sticky or gummy. Leaves hair with a natural look and feel.
8.5 oz Spray & Styling Brush $34.00

Give your a 30 minute deep heat conditioning treatment in less then 3 minutes @ home in the shower.

HEAT SHAMPOO - A totally unique "one-of-a-kind water-free silicone formula"  that warms up (self-heats) when applied to "wet hair". Instantly cleans and conditions  in one step. Heat speeds and improves the cleansing process without stripping hair color. 
also (self heats) when applied to wet hair. Its the perfect conditioner for a smooth, silky shiny, frizz free finish. You'll feel the warmth and see the shine the first time you use this wonderful feeling Instant Conditioner for wavy hair.
 8 oz. size $23.45


Activated By Water : Water Free Silicone formula instantly warms up a few degree's when applied to WET HAIR. This heat energized exothermic reaction speeds and improves the cleansing and conditioner results. 

As a result you can now get the benefits of a 30 minute salon heat conditioning treatment in 3 minutes or less at home in the shower. Hair stays cleaner, styles last longer between shampoo's. A great time savor  for today's active life styles.


The most advanced professional ( hair care ) and ( styling products ) are now available from the George Caroll Studio Style Collection. The George Caroll  (hair care) and styling products provide help for dry hair, fine hair, color treated hair, damaged hair and virtually any hairstyle. George Caroll's Studio Style (haircare) and styling tools will give your hairstyle a "Studio Style Look" like the Hollywood stars and celebrities we all admire. It's my intention to provide hair help, tips, professional advice with solutions for both your (haircare) and (hair styling) concerns. 

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